Our Ladies


Jayallwend Karoseal (Elly)

DOB: 24/12/2000

Elly is a seal point Siamese and is the matriarch of the Jayallwend line. Born in 2000, she is now great grandmother to our kittens.

Elly is far from the required look presently in the show ring, but her easy going personality has been passed on for generations. She is very relaxed, nothing ever seems to phase her.

Elly has found her forever home with a lovely lady. Ruhi has owned one of our cats for 18 years and on her passing asked if we would allow her to take care of Elly for us. We couldn't have asked for a better home - thank you Ruhi.

Mother: Koinonia Saloma (imp aust), Father: Jingili Hadlow (imp aust).


Jayallwend Inki (Inki)

DOB: 26/11/2004

Inki is an oriental ebony and is Elly's daughter. Very regal is our Inki, initially she is much more stand offish than her mum, but once she warms to you, you will have a friend for life.

Inki is a fantastic mum, very relaxed and takes fantastic care of her babies. This is her final litter. Inki is now grandmother to most of our kittens. She is much more sleek in the body than Elly, however her head shape is not quite as extreme as preferred in the show rings.

Our preference in breeding is not to breed to the extreme, rather look for a more balanced look. Inki has now retired and is happy just being her.

Mother: Jayallwend Karoseal, Father: Souvrani Midnight Special.


Grand Champion Jayallwend Delilah Delight (Lily)

DOB: 5/8/2010

Lily is a seal point Siamese and the "face" of Jayallwend Siamese. It is her who is in our logo photos.

Lily is Inki's daughter and is the first cat in years whom we have taken to the show rings.

Lily has the fantastic temperament that we aim for, she is incredibly smooch, will sit on your shoulders, just loves to be close to you. All you need to do is look at her and she will purr!

Lily is retiring this year. 

Mother: Jayallwend Inki, Father: Tidehaven My Guy.


Jayallwend Misadventurous (Maddy)

DOB: 19/8/2011

Maddy is a seal point Siamese.

She also has a lovely personality, the type of cat who will climb into the car with you, or jump on your shoulder as you walk past. She is always the first to want pats, even prefers cuddles and pats over food! Maddy just loves everyone.

Maddy is now retired and has gone to a fabulous home where she is treated like royalty. Thank you Marcia & Keith. 

Mother: Jayallwend Inki, Father: Grand Champion Koosje van Tutte's Prince (imp ND)


 Jayallwend Shadow in the Night (Pearl)

DOB: 21/10/2012

Pearl is an Ebony Oriental. A fantastic mum, though not a show cat. Lovely temperament.

This photo is of Pearl when she was a kitten...I am trying to get her to sit still long enough to get a new one!

Pearl is now retired. 

Mother: Jayallwend Misadventurous, Father: Montpelier Black Armour


Elygrad Lady Inguz (imp Aust) (Hershey)

DOB: 27/1/2015

Hershey is a chocolate point siamese.  New to our breeding program Hershey & her brother Taz were imported from Australia in 2015. Hershey (mated to Ike) is producing some beautiful kittens, lovely short coats, predominantly chocolate point siamese. 

Mother: Anjayma Auythaya (Aust), Father: CCCAGDCH & DIAGDCH Maithai Lancelot (USA)

4 weeks old 9
 Jayallwend Will-O'-The-Wisp (Willow)

DOB: 27/8/2015

Willow is a chocolate point siamese. Born in 2015, Willow is yet to join our breeding program. Takes after her mother in temperament, just wants to be near you ALL the time!

Mother: Jayallwend Delilah Delight, Father: Silver Double Grand Champion Flutterby Ivanhoe

12.6 7

Jayallwend Ice Queen (Elsa)

DOB: 1/11/2015

Elsa is a blue oriental. Born in 2015 Elsa is yet to join our breeding program. Very laid back, Elsa has a wonderfully relaxed nature, taking things as they come. 

Mother: Jayallwend Shadow in the Night, Father: Silver Double Grand Champion Flutterby Ivanhoe

12.6 11


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