Welcome to Jayallwend Siamese

At Jayallwend Siamese we specialise in breeding pedigree Siamese & Oriental Ebony kittens. 

We are a small breeding cattery, consisting of mother and daughter team (Wendy & Joni). Together we have been breeding for more than 40 years. We breed for enjoyment and pleasure, and only have a few litters available per year. 

Our aim is to produce a kitten exceeding NZCF breed standards, who has an outstanding nature and personality. Our kittens are bred for their temperament, making them a lively addition to your family - friendly, courageous, loyal, mischievous and fun! 

We have been breeding a long time now and are starting to get an increase in the number of people coming to us who have had Siamese & Orientals die young from a range of diseases. While we have had none reported in our own lines, it did get us thinking. So we have done some research and decided to get our cats tested to rule out any issues.

All our breeding cats have been tested and are cleared for the following hereditary diseases well known in Siamese and Orientals:

Pyruvate Kinase (PK) Deficiency

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA - CEP 290)

A note regarding Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) - this is becoming progressively more well known and common in the oriental/siamese breeding world. We have been in touch with the most prominent researcher in the US (Leslie Lyons) and advised for this breed type there is only one confirmed test - ultrasound. An ultrasound is $400-$500 per animal. Its my understanding the problem with HCM in Siamese/Orientals is that it cannot be definitively ruled out - even if an ultrasound is completed it is an indication that the cat does not have HCM AT THAT POINT IN TIME. It does not mean they will never develop it. Current recommendations are to complete an ultrasound prior to breeding, and again every couple of years.

We have not yet completed any ultrasounds, primarily because we have had no reason to suspect it in our breeding lines. We have 5 generations of our line in our cattery, we have had no issues with our own cats, nor any reported to us from kittens we have sold. 

We encourage all new (and existing!) parents of our kittens to get in touch with us should anything arise, and allow us to talk to your vet. This enables us to provide parentage and genetic history to assist with the kitten's health, and also makes us aware if there is something we should test our own cats for.

Every care is taken to provide happy and healthy kittens - and that is our most important goal.



Joni McComb
Palmerston North

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Wendy McComb 
C/- Pussywillow Boarding Cattery
125 Kawiu Road, Levin

Ph: 06 368 9991
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